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Artist - Elaine Linton

Elaine Linton is an Indigenous artist from the Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel, located in east San Diego County. She has a son named Jason, two grandchildren and a great granddaughter. Born in a large family, seven brothers and two sisters, Elaine credits her mother Lucille’s constant support and advice for her success. Elaine is active and outgoing, and she is always comfortable being the center of attention. She loves to sing while playing her ukulele. Elaine graduated from Redlands University with a BS in Business and Administration Management and worked in communications for almost 42 years but is now retired.

Elaine is high energy and loves exercise. Some of her favorite things to do are golfing with her brothers, Zumba, and hiking. She was once a certified personal trainer.

To balance her active side, she turns to her creative side. Art in some fashion is a part of her everyday life and is her favorite form of meditation. She was inspired by a local artist in her area when she was a little girl and has been creating ever since. Elaine loves to draw and paint. She paints in both watercolor and acrylic. She also makes jewelry, pine needle baskets, does soap stone sculpture, and gourd art. But gourd art is where her artistic passion has settled.

Elaine took her first gourd class at the Welburn Gourd Farm in Fallbrook, CA in 2005 on a whim and was hooked. She left that day with a handful of gourds and immediately began creating. She would stay up every night until the wee hours gourding while also working full time. Much of her gourd work is Native design. Because of her love for people, Elaine is now a gourd art teacher. She loves meeting people and says the look of satisfaction on her students faces when they complete an art project constantly inspires her to create. Although she now teaches gourd art, she still takes classes from many different teachers and has gained numerous skills. Gourd art has become a wonderful way to express her deep and ongoing passion for art. What Elaine enjoys about working on gourds is that they are not perfect, so the designs do not have to be perfect. There is no end to what you can create on a gourd with a few simple tools.

Elaine continues to create more elaborate and beautiful gourds as her skills grow. She has her own little gourd group following, from beginners to advanced. She says she thinks about art every day and is constantly inspired.

Elaine is member of the following gourd groups:

The American Gourd Society, (member since 2005)

The California Gourd Society (member since 2005)

CGS - Former Director of Southern Projects

San Diego County Gourd Artist (member since 2005) - Facebook & Web Page

Gourd Art Enthusiasts (closed)

Gourd Arts Tips and Tricks on FB

Gourding Destash on FB

Teacher - Morongo Band of Mission Indians

Teacher - Pechanga Silver Feathers

The Art of Pine Needle Basketry (member 2020)